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Six things people with diabetes should do avoid to prevent foot ulcers

One of the dreaded complications of diabetes is nerve damage which may sometimes lead to amputations.

This problem normally arise because when blood sugar level remain high for a long time blood vessels may begin to damage.

In order to prevent foot ulcers which may lead to amputation, there are a lot of things diabetes patients should do and other things they should avoid.

We want to concentrate here on things they should avoid in order to prevent getting foot ulcers.

1. Never walk barefooted
According to experts, people battling with diàbetes should not walk barefooted. Walking barefooted may expose them to injuries which may not be able to heal, instead they should always wear protective stockings and shoes.

2. Should not trim toenails
According to footcare specialist, People with diàbetes should not trim toenails. This is because diabetes causes poor blood circulation which may cause numbness. This will make it difficult for patients to feel pain when they have cuts, scrapes and blisters.

To avoid injuries which may not easily heal, don’t trim your toenails. When you deem it necessary to trim, extra care should be taken to ensure safety.

3. Don’t do exercise without your protective kits
Exercise is part of a daily routine for people battling with diàbetes, but you must have your protective kits on before engaging in any physical exercise.

This is because injuries may be sustained during exercise if adequate precautions are not taken to ensure safety during exercise.

4. Avoid sedentary lifestyle
Diabetes may cause circulation problems in patients. High blood sugar level normally affect blood circulation. One way of dealing with poor circulation is through active lifestyle.

To avoid poor blood circulation which may facilitate nerve damage, make sure you remain active as much as possible.

5. Don’t wear tight socks or elastic stockings
Tight socks and elastic stockings may hamper blood flow to the feet. When blood doesn’t flow properly to the legs ,the result will be nerve problems.

6. Stop smoking
Smoking may stiffen the nerves making it difficult for blood to flow effectively to the all parts of the body. Nicotine may also reduce the rate at which the cells accept insulin from the body.

Smoking therefore makes worse diabetes symptoms and should be avoided in order to prevent complications.


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