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New Year New Body-Unathi

Unathi opens up on how she achieved her banging body which shut down social media during the festive period.

The star who has inspired many with her body goal, shared old photos, of when she was chubby.

She said her hard work is paying off, and she’s excited.

“If you want it you can have it. A year ago I was NOT happy with my body coz of lockdown. My daughter thought she was getting a younger sibling (which she still wants now) and would tell everyone how excited she was at the prospect. I had regressed with my body goals. On NYE 2020 I went for a sunset run ALONE at the stairs and promised myself to make sure that I would feel VERY different this time round Dec 2021. Which I did because I kept my promise to myself. Goodluck with your goals. You’re WORTH it beloved. I look at these pics to remind me of why I started. 2012 vs 2022,” she wrote.


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