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How to have a peaceful holiday with difficult relatives

Family issues can turn a happy holiday into a sour one.

We all have those family members who keep asking intrusive questions like; when we will get married? if we’re married when we will get kids? or if we have kids when we will get another one? and the list goes on.

These are the relative we would rather not deal with but during a holiday like Christmas, it’s inevitable that we will meet at one point.

So all you can do is prepare yourself early and choose peace for the sake of your own sanity.

Although it won’t be a walk in the park, here are tips on how you can block out the stress and have a good time with the people you love:

1. Don’t expect the worst

Step one is to adjust your attitude before that time comes when you will be around them. If you go expecting drama, you might subconsciously be the one who triggers problems when there was a chance that everything could have gone smoothly.

Try your best to go with a positive attitude so you create space for better outcomes even if it’s not a guarantee it will happen.

2. Learn how to communicate

It’s often hard to admit that we might be making situations worse by not communicating better. You need to do some introspection and take responsibility if you realize that you need to handle some situations better.

You should take time to learn how to communicate in a healthy way for more peaceful interactions. And in case you do that but you’re still having the same problems with certain relatives, then you will know you’ve done your best.

3. Practice how you will respond

When you’ve had family gatherings for years, you can always predict the things that might come up. Some relatives bother you with the same questions all the time and if you don’t know how to respond in a smart way, you will keep getting vexed.

What you can do is think of ways to answer them, so they won’t keep digging, or come up with creative responses that will change the topic. That way you will be prepared for any questions or comments.

4. Avoid volatile conversations

You also need to be on guard in situations where drama might ensue. The festive season is when people get to enjoy their drinks a bit too much and when you feel a shift in the energy during conversations, walk away before they escalate.

Here, timing is extremely important so you need to know when to stay and when to leave. This can protect you from getting caught up in chaos.

5. Stay away from problematic relatives

This might sound mean but, you should avoid relatives who always cause trouble. The goal is to protect your peace regardless of how anyone else feels.

It is okay to just say hi and have general conversations here and there but, you don’t have to stick around and talk about anything deep if you don’t want to. Spend your time in another group if that is what you must do to prevent any stress.

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