Zim Couple Shot Dead in South Africa – They spared the couple’s child who was sleeping.


Family sources said South African police used the contact list in Mbusi’s phone to locate his siblings who are also based in the neighbouring country. The Chronicle caught up with Mbusi’s father who identified himself only as Mr Mhlanga at his home in Nkulumane suburb.

He broke down while narrating how he learnt about the death of his son and daughter-in-law.

A Zimbabwean couple has been shot dead in South Africa. Gunmen burst into Mbusi Mhlanga’s Johannesburg home and killed him and his wife. They spared the couple’s one year old child who was sleeping.

He said the family was groping for answers and wondering why Mbusi and his family were targeted for the brutal killing.


“My other children in South Africa called me saying they had been phoned by police informing them to come to the station as there was an emergency,” said Mr Mhlanga, battling emotion.

“The police informed them that there was a man and a woman who were shot dead at their place of residence. They said the police said after scrolling down on the man’s cellphone contact list they came across their numbers. So the police wanted them to assist in the identification of the bodies,” he said.

Mr Mhlanga said the phone call disturbed him as he could not make head or tail about what his son was talking about. He said his son left him in suspense by hanging up the phone before providing further details.

“At about 9:30AM I received another call informing me that the bodies had been identified as his son and daughter- in-law,” added Mr Mhlanga who was struggling to hold back tears.
He paused momentarily before saying: “I asked, what are you talking about? Whose bodies? He started crying saying his brother and my daughter-in-law had been shot dead.”
Mr Mhlanga said details of what transpired leading to the couple’s shooting were still unknown.