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four types of farts you did not know about

There is nothing more embarrassing than farting, especially in a public place. Farting is a natural act. According to health experts, it is gas that you swallow while eating and the gases formed in the gut when the food is being broken down.

Certain carbohydrates are incompletely digested by the enzymes in the stomach and intestines.

The gut bacteria then digest these carbohydrates, releasing intestinal gas in the process.

This, according to experts, leaves a trace amount of hydrogen sulphide and ammonia, which is formed by gut bacteria and gives farts their smell.

According to Medicine-Net magazine, there are different types of farts humans experience.

According to the publication, these are the different types of farts and their various characteristics:

1. Flatus with bloating and cramp-like abdominal pain

The pain is felt in the areas where the gas gets trapped. The most common area includes: Upper to mid-right part of the abdomen and the upper to the mid-left part of the abdomen.

2. Flatus in an excessive amount

You may feel that you are passing an excessive amount of gas. However, you do not have excess gas but have an increased sensitivity to the normal amount of gas in the intestine. Some of the conditions causing increased sensitivity include:

Irritable bowel syndrome, Dyspepsia (persistent pain or discomfort in the upper abdomen) and an irritation of @nus or rectum.

3. Smelly flatus

You may have abnormally smelly farts. This may be due to a particular food allergy or due to bacterial overgrowth in the gut.

4. Flatus incontinence

In this type of fart, you feel the rectum is filling, but the body’s nerves cannot recognize whether it is a gas or stool.


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