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Four reasons why you should travel solo frequently

We all want to go on trips with our friends and family and a year without that seems to go waste. However, the idea of solo travelling is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Many think they will feel left out in crowded places, and some feel that they won’t be able to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Amid all these thoughts, solo travelling takes a backseat.

However, if you are a true explorer the idea of solo travelling shouldn’t scare you. Here are 4 reasons why you should travel solo frequently.

1. You tend to become more independent
Travelling solo gives you the responsibility of taking care of yourself. You tend to stay more aware, alert and learn to do everything on your own. This helps you grow both mentally and emotionally. Add to it, the thrill of exploring places on your own, you feel confident and capable of facing any situation.

2. You get to learn precious lessons of life
It is only after you have travelled solo a couple of times that you would learn life lessons. Your perception of life will change for the better. Things will become clearer and transparent. You will meet different people and everyone will have a lesson to share, either good or bad. Besides, you will get to learn the different cultures and traditions of people. Good food will be an add-on.

3. You make new friends
Picture this. You are on a trip with your friends and meet a whole bunch of new people while on it. Would you mind sparing some time out and getting to know the new bunch or would that feel like a waste of time? Most probably, it’s the latter. Hence, when you are all alone exploring places, you will no longer find it weird and awkward to interact with new people. Instead, it will be a pleasure to get to know them and expand your friend list, not on social media but in real life.

4. Your curiosity flies high
It is only when you travel solo frequently that your hunger for knowing things will grow. Your curiosity will take a flight. You would want to learn more about your surroundings and will become more aware of what you see and how you handle it. If luck favours you, people would even start calling you human encyclopaedia.

A piece of advice. Don’t forget to buy a small souvenir from every place you visit, so that the memories can stay fresh for years to come.


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