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The means of having a supportive partner

When you fantasize about being in a relationship as a single woman, chances are that beyond all the superficial stuff — someone who’s attractive, has a great job, etc. — all you really want is to have a supportive partner.

But what does that actually mean? When you’re part of a happy, healthy couple, here’s what you can expect from your other half.

1. They’re your #1 cheerleader and your biggest fan
A supportive partner is one who boosts your confidence and cheers you on as you get out there and conquer all of your goals. No matter what dream you’re pursuing or what task you’re undertaking, they’re right there behind you, shouting in support and boasting to everyone they know about just how incredible you are. It feels amazing!

2. They encourage you to be your best but never try to change you
No one should ever try to turn you into someone you’re not – they should love you just as you are. A supportive partner backs you when you decide you want to change jobs, go back to school, join a gym, whatever. They let you know they’re there for you if you need them and remind you that you can do anything you put your mind to.

3. They’re a solid sounding board
Sometimes you just need someone who will listen to you to rant about something annoying that happened in your day or let off steam when you’re feeling stressed about a fight you had with a friend. A supportive partner will be that person for you. They won’t interrupt you, try to fix your issue (unless you ask for their advice), or judge you for what you’re saying. Instead, they’ll be a solid sounding board so you leave the conversation feeling much more relaxed.

4. They lift you up when you’re feeling down
When you’re upset about something or even about nothing at all, a supportive partner will be there to help lift you up. They know that sometimes you need to feel your feelings, but they also understand that there’s so much to be happy about and grateful for in life, and they always manage to find the perfect way to remind you of this. They always bring a smile to your face even when you’re feeling down.

5. They know how to make you laugh
No one can make you laugh quite like them. They tell you the dumbest, most hilarious jokes and manage to find the humor in any situation. They know that laughter truly is the best medicine in life and that it’s the thing that will get you through all the hard times.

6. They’re your perfect opposite in many ways
Maybe you’re impatient but they have the patience of a saint. Maybe they have a bad temper but you’re more forgiving. Whatever the case, a supportive partner is also one that balances you and vice versa. Somehow when you’re together, you manage to find the perfect middle ground. It’s such a gift.


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