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Five breakup texts that’ll put an end to a relationship

Breaking up with your partner can be a tough task. Not knowing what to say and how to express yourself while breaking up is a common issue that most people face.

And so, long before we know it, breaking up over text has taken precedence over everything else.

Some consider it disrespectful while others think it’s a clean and quick way to break up with someone.

If you’re one of the people who think the latter, then these breakup texts will help you end your relationship the way you want it.

1. When the dates didn’t go well
“I’m sorry but I didn’t really like the dates we went on. I didn’t feel a connection but I wish you the best.” This is a good way to keep it simple, to the point, without being much hurtful.

2. When you both have been texting for some time now
If you both have been texting back and forth but if you’re no longer interested in that person, then you can simply tell, “I know we have been texting each other quite a lot and while getting to know each other through texts is a good thing, I don’t feel it’s a good time for me. It was fun talking to you.”

3. When a kind message does the trick
A genuine text can always set the tone for your current and future relationships. Having good relations with everybody is a good way to avoid failure. So, something like, “I think we are yet to meet our soulmates. I know there is someone else for you and I’m sure you will be very happy when you meet them. I feel I’m just not the one.”

4. When you’ve been in a casual relationship
“It has been fun hanging around with you, but I am not really sure where this is going. It was good while it lasted.” A simple text like this can be quite to the point and do the job quickly. Since casual relationships don’t include intimacy, it’s relatively easier to break off.

5. When your partner’s behaviour isn’t worth it
“I am sorry but we cannot continue seeing each other because I tried telling you how your behaviour wasn’t appropriate that day. If you cannot correct your behaviour, then it’s not on me to handle or fix that.” Keeping boundaries and adhering to them, is a safety net that you should have.


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