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Robert Marawa suffers third heart attack

Robert Marawa is grateful to be alive after suffering a third heart attack recently. Robert drove himself to hospital after “not feeling well” and within a couple of hours was admitted to ICU.

“There was something, there was a pain that was not making any sense,” he told fans in a video on social media over the weekend. Robert is currently in a recovery ward after “an unbelievable last couple of days”.

I say unbelievable because it is the brink of life and not living. ICU is no playground,” he said, before thanking fans and medical staff for their support.
Robert, who has been off work for the past two weeks, first hinted at health issues last week when he responded to Metro FM DJ Mo Flava’s request for him to return to air by posting a picture of his hospital bedside.


Robert has survived two heart attacks in the past and, speaking to Radio 2000’s Phat Joe in May, opened up about how work stress had led to his hospitalisation last year. He also recounted the shock his sister experienced when she saw him in ICU.

“People don’t know what it is that I’ve had to do. I’ve been threatened. I was in ICU in June/July last year. My sister was shattered. When she walked in, she saw a corpse. But people don’t know that because I don’t talk about it,” he said.


In 2008 he had a heart attack after a gym session, which he said was because he had not been exercising for a while. Then, in 2013, he collapsed at an event. He was also reportedly taken to a medical facility in 2017.

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