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Anele Mdoda – I am a nightmare to date

There is no formula for what makes a great partner in romantic relationships, not even being brought up in a household where both parents are present.

This is a view of media personality Anele Mdoda, who responded to a tweep’s post on the subject.

Anele Mdoda

@taylorrr_ lambasted single mothers: “Single mothers polluted women to think they don’t need man and raised men to think they’re supposed to take on the role as the man of the house at 5 years old.”

Anele Mdoda

Anele joined many who disputed the statement, saying she is “a nightmare to date”, even though she was raised by both her parents.

Anele Mdoda

“I was raised in a two parent household and I am a nightmare to date. I also ended up being a single parent so rewrite your thesis at your own pace.

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Source: Timeslive

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