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How to maintain your mental health in a toxic relationship

While fleeing the clutches of a toxic partner is imperative, you cannot let your mental health suffer as you make your way out of the relationship.

Whether your spouse or boyfriend has unintentionally toxic tendencies; you must safeguard yourself and your emotions.

Hence, we present a few simple ways in which you can feel peaceful and maintain your mental health in the interim.

1. Set firm boundaries
Having a headstrong and opinionated partner who can be emotionally abusive, is unfortunate. Nevertheless, while plotting your way out of such a relationship you must stand your ground and ensure that the partner doesn’t have his way all the time. Watching your life spiral out of control can be a daunting feeling, yet it is inevitable when you let a romantic partner make all your decisions for you. So, you must reclaim power over your own life by setting boundaries that ensure your lover cannot control or manipulate you.

2. Forgive but don’t give them another chance
Forgiving those who have wronged you allows you to let go of the mental baggage you may be carrying. So, while forgiving your partner for his or her misdeeds may be encouraged, you must not give them another chance. After all, forgiveness doesn’t entail that you approve of their conduct or wish to get back together.

3. Build your support network
Toxic partners tend to isolate you from your friends and loved ones to ensure that they are the only important figure in your life. However, this is not healthy. Having a support system of friends, colleagues, family and relatives can help you confide in them in times of need. They can also help you recognise gaslighting and toxic behaviors in your relationship, as they may be flourishing with support and love in a healthy relationship.

If you have been spending sleepless nights worrying about your future or your emotional health, then it may be wise to meet with a mental health professional. The right assistance can aid you in leaving the relationship and kickstarting your mental health journey on the right note.


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