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Six things every parent must do to make their child feel loved

Do you happen to recall the things that made you feel cherished as a child?

Well, child psychologists agree that love and family connections are imperative to a kid’s growth and development. After all, emotion and affection can be the founding stones of joy in a child’s life.

Hence, it is critical that parents use their actions and words to express to their child just how much he or she is loved every single day.

So, we list 6 simple things you can do to ensure your little ones know they are adored.

1. Set aside your phone or laptop at home
Kids tend to feel quite bored and exasperated when parents are always on the phone or laptop due to work. So, they especially love it when their parents set their electronic devices and simply engage with them. Hence, attempt to give your little ones your full attention when you come home from work, simply letting them tell you about their day can do wonders for their mood.

2. No TV during lunch or dinner
It can be tempting to unwind while watching television after a long day at work. Your kids may soon get addicted to TV with this routine and always ask to watch a cartoon on a smartphone or tablet during meal times. However, no screen-time during meals is a great rule as it lets your kids eat slowly and chew better rather than a rushed meal. You also get time together as a family to talk or simply catch up with each other.

3. Read to your kids before bedtime
In the digital age, kids are far more used to watching videos and cartoons than reading a book. If you read to your children using picture books during their bedtime routine, it could spark a joy for learning within them. This can be invaluable to them in the coming years.

4. Shower them with hugs and cuddles
Studies show that children who receive physical affection from their parents in the form of hugs and kisses or cuddles are less likely to develop behavioral issues growing up. There is also a decreased risk of depression as young children look to their parents for love and warmth. This tends to boost their self-esteem and makes them feel cherished.

5. Pen hilarious notes and messages for them
Having a fun relationship with your kids can help them open up to you in times of need instead keeping silent out of fear of getting a beating or harsh scolding. Creating an environment of trust and openness is advised. Humor is a great way to achieve this goal, so you can pen funny notes for your kids and leave them around the house. You may even give them a hilarious nickname or write affectionate messages to them to be sent with their lunch boxes.

6. Don’t silence their rambling stories
Children often tend to tell elaborate tales that are obviously important to them, but take up much of your time as they ramble on. However, respectfully hearing them out is key as it makes them feel loved and reiterates the fact that they are an important part of your household.

While it is understandable that you may have a full day of work or household chores ahead of you, spending a little time with your little ones every day can help them grow up while feeling loved and wanted.


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