Zvihuta takes over Zimbabwe – SEE Pics


Zvihuta takes over Zimbabwe – SEE Pics…. Jokes and pictures of Quail birds have taken over social media in Zimbabwe…. To the extent that men are even adding profile pictures of their ones photoshopped with the birds….


WhatsApp is going crazy with messages of the birds after Government wanted in on the take of raising the birds…. See some of the Chihuta jokes below…

mukati 15billion iya haina ku hodheswa zvihuta?  😂😂😂😂 I am still wondering Because ummm zvanyanya

Lizzie___ “Hello babes”

Obby___”Whats Up cwty”

Lizzie____”Nothing much, would u mind to buy me something babe”

Obby___”What’s that my luv”

Lizzie____ “I need Debonaires pizza”

Obby ____”Yes I can buy it for u, but on one condition”

Lizzie____ “What’s the condition babes”

Obby _____ “You must first spell me the word DEBONAIRES”

Lizzie ____ “KKKKKKK, I am joking, just bring me Chihuta”