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Zoey lashes out at Eriza,calls her an amateur




Dirty dancer Zoey has sensationally hit out at Mixxy and Lady Storm, branding them amateurs.

 Zoey’s claims come barely a week after Mixxy claimed she was the queen of twerk who can not be compared with dirty dancers.

As for Lady Storm,she rose to acclaim after starring in Jah Prayzah’s video as Eriza,as a naughty high school dancer. And Zoey also brags that she,along with Bev ,are the finest dancers while storm remains an amateur.eriza

In an unsolicited interview,a seething Zoey said:”Mixy and Lady Storm are amateurs,they came into the industry just recently and thus do not know anything.

“The two do not even pose any threat towards us (Zoey and Bev).

“The two should first clash with our junior dancers to qualify to challenge us to a contest..”

She added:

“The claims by Mixxy that we seduce male patrons have made us better.

In fact,we perform all dances ,which is the reason why we are flexible with any show.

“We fit at family shows or dancing contests(clashes)without any hustle unlike the two who can only perform one type of dance.

“We are actually on demand like zvihuta(quail birds)

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