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Zimra collects $2 million daily at Beitbridge border post




The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) is collecting $2 million daily at the porous Beitbridge Border Post, a report by the Senete Thematic Committee on Peace and Security on the state of the country’s borders has revealed.

The report bemoaned numerous stakeholders at the post who are duplicating roles.

“…. the major concern raised was that there are too many stakeholders at the border post demanding passports. “These include the police, soldiers and immigration officers. It was highlighted that whilst it was the mandate of the Immigration officers and the Police to request for one’s passport, the soldiers, security guards, central intelligence officers among others also demanded passports” reads part of the report table before the Senate on Wednesday.

With the $2m daily collections, Beitbridge Town Council is now demanding a portion of it.

“The Beitbridge Town Council also submitted that ZIMRA was making US$2 million a day from Beitbridge border post and the Town council would need a stake in the form of a community share ownership to develop the town. “During the meeting with ZIMRA, it was confirmed that it was making about $2 million a day”.




In conclusion, the committee said there is a greater need to address the problem of porous borders and weak border control and management mechanisms in order to ensure sustainable revenue generation at ports of entry and also stem out effectively the problem of both human and goods smuggling.

“Adequate resources have to be availed to the relevant departments by Treasury to ensure peace and security is secured in and around Zimbabwe

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