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Zimbabwean Ambassador to Iran makes gay se_x tape




A journalist from Iran has caught up with us and provided a rather disturbing article concerning the activities of The Zimbabwean ambassador to Iran.Below is the whatsapp conversation without any amendmentsdhlamini

[22:04, 11/7/2016] +98 936 166 ****: Hello, i am Mohammad  frm Tehran
[22:07, 11/7/2016] +1 (972) 850-****: ok boss
[22:08, 11/7/2016] +1 (972) 850-****: how can i be of assistance?
[22:08, 11/7/2016] +98 936 166 ****: I have a news article
[22:08, 11/7/2016] +98 936 166 ****: Tehran Correspondent, Tehran Emrooz,

Diplomatic relations between Harare & Tehran took a nose dive following the forced closure of the Iranian Red Crescent Clinic in Harare, by the ZANU pf government, a development which analysts described as an insult to the ” Look East Policy”.

The government-owned H- metro of 1 July 2016, alleged that the Iranian clinic had reneged on its mandate to offer humanitarian assistance to suffering Zimbabweans adding that the it was now a Commercial entity operating without a bank account. The paper further alleged that the clinic in conjunction with the Iranian Embassy in Harare was externalizing huge sums of money through the Diplomatic pouch, thus creating cash shortages in Zimbabwe.

The allegations by the Mugabe regime implied that the Iranian government had no respect to Article 27 codified in the provisions of the Vienna convention on Diplomatic Relations. A diplomatic pouch is used for carrying official correspondence/items between a Diplomatic Mission and its Capital or vice versa.

The Iranian government reacted angrily by exposing an an_al sex tape where Zimbabwean Ambassador to Iran , Nicholas Dlamini Kitikiti ( 60) is seen so_domising two unidentified men at his Tehran home. The longest so_domy clip lasts for 7:54. For a long time, the Iranian authorities were aware of Mr Kitikiti’s ga_y activities but kept quite as they did not wish to embarrass a top envoy from a then friendly country.

Ga_y rights are prohibited in both Iran & Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s veteran leader Robert Mugabe has rejected calls from the United Nations to implement ga_y rights in his country. Speaking at the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York last year, the veteran leader vehemently rejected the imposition of ga_y rights. ” We are not ga_ys”, Mugabe declared prompting scattered applause among the audience. Mugabe described ga_y relationships as inhuman & contrary to his country’s values, norms, traditions & beliefs.

Zimbabwean Diplomats assigned abroad are usually accompanied by their spouses, apparently, Ambassador Kitikiti abandoned his wife at a farm in Zimbabwe so that he could enjoy his acts of indiscretion involving relations with other men.

A fellow Zimbabwean Ambassador who declined to be named said Nicholas was known as the late Cannan Banana’s girlfriend at Munhumutapa Building in the 80s. He added that criminals like him were not Ambassadorial material. It maybe recalled that the Zimbabwean top Diplomat was in 2000 arrested for swindling the now defunct National Company of Zimbabwe ( NOCZIM) of several millions of dollars, the country then started experiencing fuel shortages.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Staff at the Zimbabwean Embassy in Tehran & Local landlords have on several occasions approached their Foreign Ministry seeking interventions for non-payment of salaries and rentals. According to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, workers at the Zimbabwean Embassy last received their salaries in February 2016. The workers described the Zimbabwean Diplomatic Staff as abusive, they complained of working for long hours & victimization for demanding their salaries. They are often threatened with unspecified action or dismissal for demanding their salaries.


[22:08, 11/7/2016] +98 936 166 ****: Reacting to that article which we found embarrassing to the people & government of Iran considering our humanitarian assistance to Harare
[22:19, 11/7/2016] +1 (972) 850-****: wow, thanks so much for the update

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