ZANU PF is no longer in our hearts,’ say hungry and fed up supporters


Rushinga – ZANU PF ward councillor for Chimhanda district in Rushinga, Mashonaland Central Province denied residents at Chimhanda growth point drought relief food aid since they can afford to pay rentals at the growth point.

Sources familiar with the incident said ZANU PF forced people to attend a meeting on Sunday the 6th of November.

People had promised not to attend since they were denied food aid by the councillor only identified as ‘Cde Manyika’. The meeting was to be addressed by influential party officials from the provincial capital (Bindura) and for Manyika to be recognised he mobilised youths who went from door to door forcing people to attend at least one person per household.
They attended in fear and they blasted their councillor for denying them food aid.


ZANU PF is no longer in our hearts we attended the meeting out of fear but to be honest l do not still remember any single word that was said there.

You see these thugs if you do not attend they can come at night and burn your house but that is not politics.

This councillor of ours is just a mental case how can he say we have money and we are not entitled to the food relief whilst he is distributing it amongst his relatives and girlfriends,” fumed the source

Meanwhile, campaigns in Mashonaland Central seem to be in overdrive as we go towards the much anticipated 2018 elections and Zim PF seems to be enjoying the advantage in an area predominantly known to be a ZANU PF stronghold.