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Zanu PF has never rigged any elections in Zimbabwe: Madhuku




NATIONAL Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader, Professor Lovemore Madhuku, says Zanu PF has never rigged any elections in Zimbabwe.madhuku

He has said elections are held in line with the country’s laws. “In our country when it comes to election rigging, no one really knows what it means to rig an election. If you go by the law, there are very few
instances when the law isn’t being respected like not giving other political parties space or enough space but the law here is followed,” said Madhuku.

“Maybe the law may not be good but they follow the law. For instance, people in the Diaspora aren’t allowed to vote and this is in accordance with the law but in political circles some want to call it rigging but
that’s different because the law isn’t giving them the right to vote.”

He was addressing students at the Midlands State University during a public lecture on the importance of constitutionalism and the rule of law in Zimbabwe last Friday, Madhuku said in the 2013 general elections,
the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) performed its duties in accordance with the country’s laws.

He said people who are complaining about vote rigging are ignorant of the law and any aggrieved parties should push to have some laws changed.

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