Woman takes married rival’s panties to sangoma in bid to her steal her husband


A CITY woman accused her husband’s lover of taking her panties and other belongings.

Yeukai Mushangwe said that her husband’s girlfriend Rumbidzai Charakupa took her panties to a witchdoctor and she is behind the problems she is having in her marriage.

“This woman is causing problems in my marriage I always fight with Shepherd – my husband because of her.

“She came to my house and spent three days whilst I was at work and she took my panties to a witchdoctor and some of my belongings including my money.

“She sends me text messages to provoke me,” she said.

Yeukai opened up when she was opposing Charakupa’s application for peace order against her at the civil court.

Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda who was handling the matter told Mushangwe to read out the text messages in order to support what she was saying.

The text messages read as follows.



He brought me to your house in your absence and we spent three days in your house because he said that he wanted to prove to me that he loves me.

“Shepherd brought your panties so that he could take them to a witchdoctor.”

Charakupa told the court that Mushangwe is no longer married to the man in question and she abuses her by visiting her house to beat her up and to damage her property.

“She is Shepherd’s ex-wife; they are no longer married but she comes to my house to assault me and she destroyed my property and I reported her to the police and I was told by my sister-in-law to withdraw the matter.


“I have never sent her text messages but Shepherd is the one who sent those messages using my phone,” she said.

Yeukai disputed Rumbidzai’s word.

“I am still married to Shepherd and we are staying together.

“Your worship this woman is the one who begs me to share my husband with her and she reported false allegations against me and I spent the whole day in police custody but no statement was recorded and I was released later in the day,” she said

Magistrate Dzuda postponed the matter to today for ruling.

Source-H metro