Woman sleeps with 7 men after CAPS Utd win,wife of one the men she slept with drinks rat poison


A nurse was rushed to Parirenyatwa group of hospitals after she attempted to commit suicide over her husband’s whatsapp profile picture with a girlfriend. Cleodine Chadambura is reported to have downed rat poison and threatened to throw herself in front of oncoming vehicles after her husband Timothy Chinembiri failed to explain why he put his photograph with his lover identified as Pamela on his whatsapp profile picture.

Chinembiri a parachute regiment member of ZNA is reported to have celebrated his team CAPS United’s win in Gweru with Pamela by having Kodak moments in their CAPS attire and displayed the photographs on their whatsapp profile, revealed our source.

“Timothy went to watch CAPS united versus Chapungu in Gweru with Pamela and the latter celebrated the win by having se_x with several men,” said the source. Timothy was the last to have se_x with Pamela popularly known as Moreblessing and only God knows where they slept that day.

“Other supporters refused to board the hired bus with two fearing mishaps on the way because of their promiscuity, anofarisa mukadzi iyeye zvekubvisa bhurugwa pane varume,” added the source.

Woman sleeps with 7 men



Timothy confirmed his illicit affair with Pamela and posting his photograph on his whatsapp profile picture saying it nearly killed Cleodine.

“Mmmmmmmm mudhara nyaya iyoyo itomboimirai zvenyu, my wife nearly died after she downed rat poison over the photographs, muripi ndiuye kuzokuudzai zvizere,” said the hubby.

He later sent a message saying he was no longer able to shed light on the story ordering H-Metro to rely on what it had gathered.

“Bho handichakwanisi kuuya ikoko hameno manga matii todii? Just publish is sezvamaudzwa,” read the message sent to H-Metro.

Cleodine confirmed the incident saying she was admitted at the hospital during the night. “I did not down the rat poison but I only threatened to commit suicide on the road since I was disturbed by what my husband did,” said Cleodine.

“On admission at Prirenyatwa, I escaped during the night since I was faking and I slept in Harare gardens, BP yanga yakwira and I was confused. Timothy spent money meant for our expecting baby with Pamela in Gweru and what disturbed me much was to hear that this lady celebrated her team’s victory by having se_x with several men including my husband. Hanzi anoshandisa ropa rekumwedzi kudyisa varume vaanorara navo so I am still disturbed by that and to prove this true my husband is no longer coming home and the lady is bragging that she has won my husband’s heart for good.

“Timothy threatened to kill me since he is a soldier after I confronted him over his profile picture with Pamela,” said Cleodine

Contacted for comment Pamela could neither confirm nor deny the allegations saying she does not talk to strangers. “Sorry I do not talk to strangers,” she said.