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Woman hospitalised after HAVING S-E-X for 4 straight hours non-stop



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A Gutu man left his wife hospitalised after having s#x with her for four consecutive hours. Ndomupei Machimbidzofa of Makaripe Village was last Thursday forced into a four hour non­stop act by her drunk husband.

The prolonged sexual-act left her bleeding profusely with heavily swollen genitals. The matter was reported at Gutu Police Station. The police then wrote a letter to Gutu Mission Hospital staff asking for a medical report.

Machimbidzofa, who was persuaded by her relatives to report the matter to the police, is deeply reluctant go to court to testify against her husband fearing her marriage will collapse. According to a police report, Machimbidzofa’s husband, Fidelis Nhachi returned home from a drinking binge around 2pm and ordered his wife into the bedroom and had s#x with her up to 6pm.

Nhachi also used his hands to pull Machimbidzofa’s private parts. He also inserted his hands into his wife’s private parts. “May you please assist Ndomupei Machimbidzofa of Village Makaripe, Chief Nyamandi, who had s-exual intercourse with her husband on June 29 from around 1400hrs to 1800 hrs and the husband later put his hand into the wife’s (withheld)womanhood and she started bleeding.

Treat the patient, ascertain the degree of injury and compile a medical report,” read the letter. Machimbidzofa’s angry father is also pushing her to testify against her husband

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