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Woman grabs hubby by the b_alls after busting him in bed with her younger sister




A woman grabbed her husband’s te_sticles with a firm grip causing him pain after discovering that he was sleeping with her younger sister. Appearing before Lupane resident magistrate Ndumo Masuku, facing a physical abuse charge, Charity Tshuma (24) pleaded guilty to inflicting pain on her husband Collen Siziba (39).

It was heard in court that Siziba from Jibajiba area in Lupane had an affair with his 15-year old sister-in-law.





His wife, Tshuma,was made aware of the affair by neighbors and put a plan in motion to catch him red-handed. Last week on Tuesday she told him that she would travel to Bulawayo for a passport application and would return home after two days. Instead, she cut her journey short by a day and on her return rushed to the bedroom to find two lovers in action.

Without wasting her energy she went for his te_sticles. She twisted them like a person increasing a radio signal as her husband cried for mercy. While he pleaded with her, she shouted at the top of her voice attracting neighbours who rescued Siziba from danger and took Tshuma to the police.

In her warned and cautioned statement she admitted assaulting her husband and said she was pained after she caught her husband in bed with her sister. The resident magistrate granted the withdrawal of the case after Siziba’s plea.

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