Woman goes 3 weeks without using the toilet after being ‘fixed’ by hubby’s smallhouse


A JILTED Harare woman this week dragged her husband’s lover to court claiming she had used juju on her because she could not use the toilet for three weeks.

Plaque Muzidzwa applied for a peace order against her husband’s lover Olga Masando at Harare Civil Court.Muzidzwa told Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda that she wanted Masando barred from using black magic on her.

“This woman has wrecked my marriage. She is my husband’s girlfriend and does not want to recognise that we are legally married under an Act that does not allow my husband to have two women.

Harare woman

“… recently, she told me that I was going to die saying she had ‘sorted’ me. Coincidentally, soon after I could not relieve myself whenever I went to the toilet and that condition lasted for weeks.”

Muzidzwa said she felt jealous whenever her husband visited Masando.

“What pains me the most is that when my husband goes to be with her she sends me pictures of the two together,” added Muzidzwa.

She says that I am too old to compete and that my husband will eventually be hers alone.

“This court must tell this woman to know her place and not breach my family’s peace. I want her barred from getting near my husband.”

However, Masando refuted the claims saying she was customarily married to Muzidzwa’s husband and deserved an equal share of their man.

“I have been with this man for three years now and in January I fell pregnant by him and had a miscarriage.
“He then decided to regularise our relations between our families and went to pay lobola to my family,”Masando responded.

“He is also my husband and the applicant is just being spiteful to say that I use juju on her. She is just bitter and does not want to accept that I am now a second wife.”

The peace order was granted.