Woman discovers lizard dressed in earings on her doorstep


Never seen before! She might obviously not have run as fast as Usain Bolt but a Gokwe woman  bolted for dear life when she came across a decorated lizard that spotted earrings and also wore beads on her  doorstep.

Her adrenalin prepared her for a flight but it was all for nothing because the lizard was dead. But again, a firm believer in spiritual matters she saw it as an act of witchcraft. Siphatisiwe Moyo from Sidojiwe village under Chief Njelele said even neighbours didn’t know what to do when she screamed for help


It was decorated with red beads and earrings. I screamed for help and my neighbors rushed to the scene. They were shocked as well and they just stood there not knowing what to do,” she said.

They called a local sangoma, Mbongi who told Moyo the lizard was sent by people who killed her husband. He then burnt it. “My husband died four months ago after suffering from a mysterious disease which caused him to have a swollen manhood,” she said.

Chief Njelele confirmed the scary incident.