Woman confesses to having goblin python that has se_x with her grandchildren and makes her rich


A GOBLIN snake has been reportedly having se_x with girls in a Murewa family.

Selina Mangachena, 94, had lived with the snake (python) for the past 30 years accruing wealth for her and her eldest child for years until the serpent’s demands escalated. It wanted se_x every day.

Selina, who confessed at a Johanne Masowe YeChishanu apostolic shrine kwaMadzibaba Moses in Highfield, Machipisa on Sunday said the snake had ‘multiplied’ demanding se_x from the woman’s grandchildren.





This came out over the weekend during the exorcising ceremony in Murewa and Highfield.

It was found in the bedroom used by Jesca and Juliet who claimed to feel as having se_x each night; all caused by the goblin.

“The snake gave birth to four others which it swallows when idle and vomits when unleashing them for witchcraft mission,” said Selina as she surrendered the snake at the apostolic shrine.

“I took the snake from Chipinge 30 years ago with the aid of my son. The serpent has helped us acquire wealth over the years but it has caused a lot of unrest over the years in the family.

“My son, with whom I acquired the goblin, died some years ago but I have been struggling to get rid of the serpent,” she said while receiving her deliverance at the shrine.

She sensationally claimed to have ‘eaten’ more than 70 people using the snake’s powers in those 30 years.

“I am responsible for my three children’s death. I wanted meat and I had to make sure they are dead as part of the ritual demands,” Selina said.

Tochivei Samuriwo, 62, – son to Selina – said his daughters had been having problems as they always complained to relatives and their mother that they were being se_xually abused during the night by unseen people.

“My mother and brother caused all this; imagine the snakes would bed my children every night.

“My girls were used as wives of the goblins and this has affected them very much.

“There were problems in the family but we thank God the deliverance came our way,” said Tochivei.

The snake which terrorised the family was found between the sheets on the bed where Tochevi’s daughters slept in Murewa before being taken to Highfield where it was killed in full view of church members.

Madzibaba Moses, who helped the family, said the snake would swallow other small snakes which were used in witchcraft.

“The snake that was brought to the shrine had four other snakes in its tummy. It is spiritual. They smaller snakes would be used in witchcraft,” said Madzibaba Moses.
Madzibaba Moses said the Samuriwo family had received God’s grace and they were supposed to keep a close relationship with the Almighty so that they receive total salvation.

“Selina used goblins which terrorised her children and grandchildren but this has become a thing of the past. Better days are coming after the goblins were exorcised. The family should seek God,” he said.

Source-H Metro