Woman causes stir after breast feeding her children till they are 8 years old



For Nomsa Moyo (42) from Bilas Farm just after Khami prison breastfeeding children for a period ranging between five years and eight years is normal. Moyo and her husband Vusumuzi Gumede, 45, who are farmers, have six children, four boys and two girls. All of them were breastfed for long periods and the proud parents argue that it makes their children more intelligent and they develop strong immune systems.

“I have realized that breastfeeding my children for many years has advantages. Breast milk helps boost their immune system and intelligence,” she said.

The first three children were breast-fed for eight years each, the fourth child six years while the fifth child hit seven years. The last one is five years old. He’s luck not to be sharing breast milk with his siblings. Moyo supplements her last born’s feeding with sadza and beans or milk.


The child is breastfed three times a day. The strange issue is naturally the talk of the farming community with some speculating that her husband came up with the idea to abuse her.

“People are fond of lying. We made this decision with my husband after we realized the benefits of breastfeeding for a long time,” she said dispelling the rumours. Moyo proudly said her children scoop all academic prizes at school thanks to her family’s practice.

As testimony to her claims, the first child who is 23-year-old is due to complete his studies in South Africa.

“He is studying towards a degree in Engineering and I am proud of him,” she added. Moyo granted B-Metro the interview with the blessing of her husband who added that, “there’s totally nothing wrong with that.”