Woman caught having se-x with herdboy (15)


A 35-year-old Bulilima woman who was in the habit of bedding her neighbour’s 15-year-old herdboy in her matrimonial home was allegedly busted after her husband found the juvenile’s shirt in their bedroom

Village head, Mr Nanatsiwe Sikula, said the incident, which left villagers in shock, occurred in Butshe area.

He said the matter was reported to him by the cheating woman’s husband after he discovered the offence on Monday.

Mr Sikula said Tshemelani Ncube started having se-xual intercourse with the juvenile in May.

“There is an incident which was reported to me about an elderly woman who was in the habit of sleeping with a 15-year-old boy during her husband’s absence. The boy is employed at her neighbour’s homestead as a herd boy,” he said.

Mr Sikula said Ncube’s husband revealed that he found the boy’s shirt in their bedroom hut on Monday and questioned his wife.

He said his wife later revealed that it belonged to their neighbour’s herd boy.

Mr Sikula said Ncube’s husband then summoned the juvenile to his homestead where he admitted that he had slept with the older woman.

Ncube’s husband told me that he became suspicious after seeing the shirt as he had never seen it before. He questioned his wife until she revealed that it belonged to the juvenile and they had slept together on several occasions in their home.

“The boy also admitted to have slept with Ncube but he claimed that she had persuaded him. He also explained that he left the shirt in their house after she requested it,” he said.

Mr Sikula said the boy revealed that Ncube first called her to her house in May and persuaded him to sleep with her.

He said Ncube called him on several occasions at night while her husband was away.

Mr Sikula said he referred the matter to the police who revealed that Ncube will appear in court in due course.

Chief Masendu said he had heard about the matter but was yet to receive full details.

He described Ncube’s actions as a disgrace to the community.

He said incidences of men who slept with juvenile girls had become common but cases of female perpetrators were rare.

“It is disturbing to learn that a woman would do something like that to a boy who is old enough to be her son. This just shows that moral values are fast being eroded in our society,” he said.