Winky D speaks on Panorwadza Moyo and why Tuku only hummed the chorus


Dancehall superstar, Winky D, says it was Oliver Mtukudzi’s idea to sing their duet, Panorwadza moyo, the way they did. A lot of people felt that Winky D did Not give the legendary musician due time to express himself on the song.

However, Winky yesterday revealed on 326 Express with KVG and Phathisani that he stuck to Tuku’s suggested idea.


“I wrote and recorded this song in 2013 and then I felt it lacked something and put it aside. Sometime this year when I was with Layaan, we were listening to Oliver Mtukudzi and discovered he was the perfect person to complete the song. We then got hold of him and made him listen to the song and he was impressed. We discussed how to go about the song but mdara vakati ita yaunoita ini ndoita yandinoita. We stuck to Tuku’s idea because he has more experience and the song actually sonded good after taking his suggestions,” he said.


Winky also cleared the air on Oskid saying he made a contractual agreement with the latter that stated that he was hired by Vigilence Music.

“I didn’t record at Oskid’s studio, Oskid came to Vigilence music studios. We had a written agreement and the contract stated that Vigilence is hiring Oskid and the music produced belongs to Vigilence music. We credited him on the album cover that he produced the music but then if he wanted to have his tag/signature on my music then that a different agreement altogether because that is now advertising.

If one wants to advertise on my music we have to sit down and have an agreement on what cost that is to be done,” he said.

Winky D also denied any links to illuminati saying he did know the definition to the word.

“I do not know what that word means but I think it could have been derived from the word illuminate which means to enlighten”.  Winky D astronomy inspired album cover is something that has not been very clear to masses. It has several numbers that Winky said they signal decoding. He went on to say that he decoded and simplified numbers to words and came up with the words Gafa Futi and Chi- Extra-terrestrial. During the launch of his album on ZiFM last week Thursday,Winky appeared dressed in an alien costume something that amused many.

Talking about the costume, he said: “Paya ndaitobva kugalaxy so I just came straight to the studio like that but at the end of the day it’s all about art. The album is out of this space and is to be understood by generations to come hence the alien costume to resemble that it is out of this world”. The Gafa could not give answers to anything about his personal life saying that was personal and would need Wallace and not Winky D.