Winky D blasted over Disappear video


Zimdancehall king Winky D has disappointed fans following the release of the video for his hit song disappear, if comments by fans towards the video are anything to go by.

He released the video on Friday night and it was premiered on Botswana TV show, Flava Dome.

After he posted the video’s YouTube link on his Facebook page, fans started expressing disappointments through their comments.


Prudence Pee Mudzamiri said:

“I’m your biggest fan but no man! I’m so disappointed in this video there is nothing more in it, zvandangandichifunga didn’t get it video yakoyechiramu its way better than this.”

Netwon Tatenda commented:

“I’m a Gafa for life but this video is a total crap at its maximum. What’s with u Zimbabwean artistes? You leave the country to shoot a video in South Africa and yet those guys don’t even understand what you are singing.

“Look at you now this video is not even explaining the lyrics. Masese acho aripi, koAmarulayacho. Dai wakaitira hako kuMbare takaon amaghetto youths achijamba maproblem achidisappear. This is total disappointment and boring video.”

Rick Mahrez also said:

“I have so much respect for Winky D, but on your visuals on this project is not what we expected, try watch some videos from HKD boss (Freeman) you will learn one or 2 things. Good picture quality, for your best song we anticipated and deserve something better.”

When Winky D launched his latest album, Gafa Futi, last month on ZiFM Stereo, fans kept on asking why he had not done a video for the song disappear, hence he might have been under pressure to deliver.

“The video looks like it was a rushed project, the choreography is poor and what is said in the song and what is shown are two different things,” commented Tanaka Kahuta.

Disappear became an “anthem” at the end of last year and beginning of this year, which saw the song topping The BBC 1Xtra chart show.