Wife bonked in the dark discovers she was being r#ped because of attacker’s ‘performance


A woman who was allegedly r#ped by her husband’s friend in the darkness of the night told the court that she later realised that the man she was making love to was not her spouse because of the fast pace.

Freddy Hove (30) of Triangle appeared before Chiredzi Regional Magistrate Judith Zuyu facing rape charges.

It is the State case that on June 18, 2016 Hove and his friend Jealous Samboko went for a beer drink at a local bar. They returned home drunk at around 10pm and found Samboko`s wife already in bed.

Hove who stayed at his friend’s house in Triangle each time he got a short time job and slept in the dining while his friend and his wife slept in their bedroom whose door is directly linked to the dining room.


On the day in question Samboko went straight to his bedroom to sleep but because he was drunk he later left the bedroom and found somewhere to sleep in the dining room. At around 3am, Hove who took advantage of his friend’s drunken state sneaked into the bedroom and immediately started car3ssing the wife.

The complainant told the court that she responded to Hove’s f0replay in the belief that it was her husband. She pulled down her underpants and turned to face Hove who wasted no time and went on top of her and started having se_x with her.

The complainant however, told Magistrate Zuyu that she became suspicious when she realized that the pace was faster than that of her husband and the style of doing it was different.

It then dawned on her that her husband was not dressed when he went out of the bedroom but Hove was scratching her abdomen with the zipper of his trousers. She argued that the man who r#ped her was like somebody who had not had a woman for a long time.

“Ishe wangu ndakambofunga kuti kukurumidza kwaaiita pamwe kudhakwa ndikazoti nyangwe kuri kudhakwa murume wangu haaiti achikasira kudaro. (Your lord his pace in bed was too fast and at first I thought it was because my husband was drunk. But I then said to myself even when he gets drunk he is not that fast).

“Paakapinda mumachira akatanga kundibata-bata ndikatofunga kuti murume wangu adzoka. Ndanga ndamutsamwira ndichiti angopinda akabuda achindisiya ndakadaro saka paakatanga kundibata-bata ndakatofara.

(When he came into the blankets, he started caressing me and I thought it was my husband who had come back. I had got cross with him for leaving but I was actually happy when he got back and started caressing me),” the complainant told the magistrate.

She said when she became suspicious she switched on the light of her phone and realized that it was Hove and not her husband.

“I actually asked him why he was on top of me and he just dressed and went back to where he was sleeping,” said the complainant.

After that she rushed out half-nak3d and alerted neighbours.

Hove however, told the magistrate that he had not r#ped the woman because the two were in love. He also said that the act did not constitute r#pe because he did not ejacu.late. Magistrate Zuyu remanded Hove in custody.

The State was led by Moreblessing Rusere.