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Wicknell’s testimony: Prophet Angel’s $33m prophecy came to pass




Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo says Prophet Uebert Angel prophesied that he will make $33 million in 10 years when he was a struggling businessman.

“In 2008 the first time I bumped into Prophet Angel at Millers Cafe in Borrowdale he gave me a powerful prophesy which has now come to pass…Glory be to God in the highest but I also always give thanks to the true
man of God who deliver accurate information as written in heaven…It was a
boring afternoon as I walked past him and he called me and said young man as
you entered the restaurant I saw a number 33 written on your forehead. I asked
the Lord what does this number mean he told me within the next 10 years you
will have 33 million US dollars.

You are going to open a big company in Dubai and that money is going to come from Dubai into Zimbabwe. He said there’s a lot of grace in your life and you are going to meet billionaires and have strong partners around the world. For me receiving such a prophecy when I had no office and no registered company was just upsetting. I was driving a black BMW X5 that day and all my documents and laptop where on my back seat.




That was basically my office and I was running around trying to get loads for my small transport company. I looked at him in shock and like everyone else in my heart I said 10 years is too long he should have said 10 months this guy is lying and is a waste of my time he’s just trying to make me happy. Where will I ever get 33 million dollars in this rubbish transport business of mine ???

He then said do you want me to bless you with a prayer before you leave and of course like any normal Zimbabwean where there’s mention of United States Dollars. I quickly knelt down in the restaurant. He’s prayer was short but powerful he said Lord thank you for everything you’ve shown me in this boys life. May you bless him exactly the way you’ve shown me in the name of Jesus…

Yesterday the amazing Prophet Bushiri also stripped me apart with accurate prophecies and blessed me with a prayer though I can’t tell you my life secrets just know I’m destined for greatness.

The most amazing thing about Prophet Angel is ever since I met him he has never ever asked me for a cent…To be honest I’m lucky he has often offered to buy me first class tickets to come visit him and see his various new properties in England.

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