Wicknell: I am not a money lending institution


Businessman Wicknell Chivayo says he has been overwhelmed by requests for money.

“I’m really enjoying my holiday away from the overwhelming pressures of money requests. I receive on average 1500 inbox messages with almost everyone asking for money. It must be noted with due respect that I’m not a registered financial institution neither has the Reseve Bank of Zimbabwe issued me with a money lending licence. I don’t run a charitable organisation and don’t call me a philanthropist my name is Wicknell.

I do things strictly for my family and my country so once in a while if I hand pick someone don’t get over excited for nothing and think it applies to everyone. The biggest problem is we now live in a society of beggars. So many people are waiting on and expecting a hand out. There’s nothing for free on planet Earth so stop waiting on something to be given to you and go work hard and earn it….