Wicknell Chivayo: turn the tables on


Businessman Wicknell Chivayo says there is nothing unusual about the $5 million he was paid by Zesa, insisting that the Gwanda solar project will be completed and he will be paid $173 million.wicknell-and-mugabe-He said : “I read these interesting stories on the front page the other day and today. Contrary to all these malicious reports I remain tirelessly committed to delivering my mandate as per the contracts I signed with Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC). Be that as it may I  will not give in to any pressure whatsoever from vindictive newspapers during or after implementation of the project.I’m happy to note they’ve accepted the projects are irrevocable and irreversible hence the reason they’ve shifted their focus and are now trying to dwell on the project implementation.

At this level of business which is clearly way beyond your imagination , there’s absolutely nothing surprising or unusual about a small payment of 5 million dollars where there is a signed EPC contract to the tune of 173 million dollars.

Who in their right and sane mind without any disrespect would honestly be surprisingly so stupid to focus on peanuts leaving the bigger cake.. Suffice it to say rain or susnshine when the time comes all journalists will be invited to the commissioning of the first 100 MW solar farm in Zimbabwe at my site in Gwanda Matebelaland South.

As most of you have no cars be rest assured as a sign of sympathy I’ll be very generous
enough to hire you a lorry to ensure you all witness this historic launch of a project that was my brainchild.

For the record it must be noted , me and my reputable partners will continue participating in all public tenders in and out of Zimbabwe which we feel fall in our line of expertise.

Wherever we are compliant and are the lowest priced bidder to specification I’m very sorry to say we will be awarded more tenders again. If at all for any reason we are not awarded where we’ve met all requirements as defined in the RFP (request for proposal) and are the cheapest , no doubt the Admin Court will gladly intervene and award us.

If they don’t the Supreme Court will do the same.