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WhatsApp Video from Pretoria shows 8 Zimbabweans and 11 Malawians thrown in FIRE



xenophobia in South Africa

WhatsApp Video from Pretoria shows 8 Zimbabweans and 11 Malawians thrown in FIRE… I am not confirming anything but according to a WhatsApp video we got the Violence in South Africa has escalated to burning people who are foreigners…

The video which just shows a blaze is said to be in Pretoria area near Centurion… When questioned about the credibility of the video, the man sent this:

“Those doubting can travel via R55 near Race course and pass the Military Academy. Jst after bridge,look on yo left side(when coming frm Pretoria west and see for yourself. Three of the guys were staying in Spruit. I hve the names of the three Zimbabweans who were on their way to Werrida park and were cornered and thrown into the blaze. Families and relatives hve been contacted as of nw. I urge fellow people to avoid being rude and face these group of people who are marching in the streets.”

One of the people in the group made this comment that made a little sense…

“I m writing in response to the video tht u jst posted abt zimbabweans burnt in centurion s.a. i thnk sme pple send u videos or pics to post jst to discredit ur site.tht is no way centurion and those pple r talking abt burning truck tyres.foreigners  r undr no threat rght nw in pretoria xcpt those wh own tuckshops in black populated future i suggest tht u try to gt one or two credible verifiers in any area to cnfrm pics or videos bfore u post.w r here to verify thngs ths if need b without any bias. sori fo a long msg and terrible short bt keep up th good wrk.”

Watch the video below….


Source: Musvo Zimbabwe Group

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