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WhatsApp Update on Zimbabweans March to State House – Members of the First Family fly out to Singapore after Mugabe falls ill




WhatsApp Update on Zimbabwe – Members of the First Family fly out to Singapore after Mugabe falls ill…. A WhatsApp message going round in Zimbabwe claims that Mr President is on a comma and was rushed out of the country in a Private Jet… We have not have heard anything about this so we assume its just a WhatsApp Hoax…. We will give you more when the news comes in…

Read the message that has gone VIRAL in Zimbabwe as of this morning…..

Members of the First Family fly out to Singapore

President Robert Mugabe and his wife Doctor Amai have scooted out of the country by chartered private jet earlier this morning. Analysts have described this move as a security measure ahead of the mass uprisings especially in urban parts of the country. However, sources from inside the State house have confirmed that Mugabe became very ill and fell into a coma late last night, prompting the quick flight to his private physicians in foreign land. A security agent responsible for private issues in the State house who declined to be named said, “it is true that(President Mugabe) is sick, in fact he is comatose right now…

I myself loaded him into the Singapore-bound jet”. Singapore reportedly has been a safe haven for the First Family. They recently finished the construction of a USD 20 billion hotel and mansion there and they have many other uncountable liquid assets in offshore accounts in Singapore. Meanwhile back home, they took the country when it was wealthy but now they have left it a shadow of its former self.

Personally i don’t think its a fact so until we know more we can’t validate this one….