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We will deal with Traitor EVAN MAWARIRE




CONTROVERSIAL December 12 Movement secretary general Coltrane Chimurenga has described Zimbabwean pastor and activist Evan Mawarire as a traitor.

Chimurenga threatened to treat the now US-based preacher “like a dog” if he continued to embarrass President Robert Mugabe in the safety of foreign territories.

He was giving a solidarity speech to Zanu PF on behalf of the radical American civil rights group during the party’s National People’s Conference in Masvingo last Friday.

Mawarire, the now exiled #ThisFlag social and economic rights campaigner was in New York this September to stage a demonstration against President Mugabe who was in the American city for the UN General Assembly.

But Chimurenga, born Randolph Simms to Zimbabwean parents 55 years ago, organised a group of pro-Zanu PF members of the radical movement to confront him and some Zimbabwean protesters who had joined him.


The American said “when Harare calls, the December 12 Movement must answer”. He described Mawarire’s demonstration as one of the cases that demanded the services of the group.

“The issue is that there was a traitor, a traitor who calls himself a pastor who has no flock, how can you call yourself a pastor when you don’t have a congregation; that’s not a pastor!” Chimurenga said.

“We were told that this traitor was going to be come to the United Nations General to try to embarrass our president.

What this traitor underestimated is that New York City is the home and turf of the December 12 Movement and we don’t allow anybody to come threatening that they are going to try to embarrass our president unless we decide that they are going to fall and be buried in the ground.”

He added: “They were embarrassed and they were sent like running dogs back to where they came from which were the CIA puppets that sent them…”

Chimurenga and his group are admirers of President Mugabe’s anti-west stance and the latter’s determination to challenge American dominance in world order.

“Our position and will always be Mugabe is right! Mugabe is right! Mugabe is right! Mugabe is right! Mugabe is right! Mugabe is right! Mugabe is right!” he bellowed to applause from Zanu PF delegates.

“We stand undeterred by anyone that think that they can come to our territory and threaten the legacy of Zanu PF, of Zanla and the Republic of Zimbabwe that threat will always fall dead.

“…The legacy of the Zimbabwean revolution will never die and that the legacy of our President R.G Mugabe will never die and the relationship shared between the December 12 Movement and Zanu PF will never die.”

Chimurenga said Zanu PF must protect state power with all its might.

“We must never surrender to traitors who think they can run and hide and sneak around the world wherever they are we must sniff them out and as they come to December 12 Movement we will hunt them down and treat them like dogs,” he said.

Source-New Zimbabwe

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