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Vampire killer’ terrorises Khami Prison inmates




A MAN, dubbed the vampire killer, who sent police officers fleeing from Mvuma Police Station after vomiting blood and licking it up a few months ago is reportedly terrorising inmates and warders at Khami Prison.

On several occasions he has woken up with the number 666 inscribed on his back. The number is the biblical sign of the anti­Christ, which Christians believe signals the end of the world. The Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) regional public relations officer for Matabeleland, principal prison officer Garainashe Moyo yesterday confirmed that Alois Nduna, 26, alias Jackson Moyo of Matanga Village in Gokwe – a self proclaimed satanist – was being held alone in a cell. “I can confirm that my office has received a report from the prison (Khami) that there was an inmate who was vomiting and eating blood


Last week, it was reported that the inmate, whose name I don’t have offhand was found in his cell with his hands tied from behind and a number inscribed on his back. “His cell walls were splashed with blood and his Bible was tattered. Upon being asked by prison officers what had happened, the inmate said he had been initiated into a satanism cult,” said Moyo. Nduna is in remand at Mlondolozi prison at the Khami Prison complex that houses prisoners undergoing psychiatric evaluation and female prisoners. He allegedly raped and murdered a milk vendor, Privilege Mutara and dumped her body near Mvuma town in May. Nduna is alleged to have raped and killed 12 other women after draining their blood vampire style in the Midlands, Bulawayo and Masvingo. “One morning last week, he woke up with his hands tied from behind and had the number 666 written on his back. He stays alone in the cell, it therefore defies explanation how he came to have the number on his back, because he obviously couldn’t have done it himself,” said a source from the prison.

The source said Nduna bragged that the previous night he had used supernatural powers to travel across continents, outside the Khami complex. “At times he says he would have gone to the Indian capital Delhi and the Indian Ocean to meet with his superiors,” said the source.

So eerie is the man’s behaviour, said the source, that other inmates are now living in fear. Nduna claimed in court that he was initiated into satanism by some Nigerian businessmen in Zambia last year. According to sources, Nduna last week vomited and ate the blood after it had formed a lump in full view of some prison officers stationed at Mlondolozi Prison. “The inmate vomits blood which instantly crystallises to form a lump, which he then eats,” said a source. Last week, this monstrous act happened in full view of some prison officers and some inmates when he was being questioned by some prisoners about his satanic ordeal.

When he started vomiting the blood, some of the prison officers who were present took to their heels,” said one of the sources. Added the source: “He claims that he is being used for ritual purposes by his friends from the same cult.” Following his arrest in May, Nduna admitted raping and murdering Mutara before sucking her blood vampire style. Nduna once made headlines after he allegedly disappeared from a cleansing prayer session at Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries in Waterfalls, Harare. PHD leader, Prophet Walter Magaya, was praying for him and he disappeared. He was then found at an Apostolic Faith Mission Church in Chivi. The Chronicle


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