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THABISO Mayekiso (19) stood in the middle of the road and made a shocking revelation for all the neighbours to hear.

He claimed his uncle wants him to kill his family.

Thabiso apologised and begged for forgiveness from them.

Now the Mayekiso family are living in fear of the uncle. They are worried he might come and kill them.




Mantoa Mayekiso (70), Thabiso’s gogo, toldDaily Sun the man accused of the evil is her seventh child of 10, Lesedi. He is a sangoma and Thabiso lived with him after his mother died when he was still very young.

“Thabiso lived in Sebokeng hostel with his uncle until he was 15 years old, when he suddenly told us we must take him in. He moved in with us in Lehae. I realised the boy was sent to do evil when I sent him to buy snuff for me and I discovered crushed glass in the snuff,” claimed gogo Mantoa.

“That is when I suspected Thabiso was sent by Lesedi to do his evil work. My son is jealous of his siblings’ success and has claimed that I love them more than him.”

The family became even more suspicious when they realised Thabiso does not sleep at night.

Nthabiseng Mayekiso (34), Mantoa’s daughter, said she found him in the garden one night burning herbs.

Thabiso told Daily Sun he was sent by his uncle to curse the family.

“He gave me the herbs and said I must make sure they die,” he said.

Lesedi Mayekiso told Daily Sun his mother, Mantoa, was the evil one. He claimed she was casting the spells.

“Her muthi is backfiring and now she just wants someone to blame,” he said.

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