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Uebert Angel reveals his biggest regrets




Prophet Uebert Angel says he regrets letting down his family as he sought success in his public life.

He told The Financial Gazette in an interview : “I am an imperfect servant of a perfect master so do the math. Of cause I have regrets, show me a man of God who says I have no regrets and I will show you a liar who is headed for hell. I became too successful in public and a failure in private. I have raised a lot of people to the knowledge of Christ. Some became millionaires, by the grace of God.


I have raised a whole range of people from mediocrity to changing social and economic stratification.

I raised men of God, and in that same vein I also let some people down, prime among those is my immediate family. I realised that crowds come and crowds go. Thus I decided to spend more time with my family and I advise every man of God to do the same. It starts from the house before it goes to the church but I had my priorities mixed up but that is the Angel of yesteryears. I am still not perfect but I am perfectly me.

He also spoke about his return to Zimbabwe. He said : “The church is now global and as such I positioned myself in a strategic location to be able to lead a global church. I love Zimbabwe but unfortunately it is not that location. I can come to Zimbabwe anytime I choose to.”

On the botched car deal he said : “If you followed the news you would have seen how that unfolded. It was settled, I clarified that with the media already and will not repeat myself. I have always been innocent on that case and was cleared by Zimbabwean courts.”
He said the reported fall out with Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa was not true.

“People must stop making up fictitious stories, we are brothers in the Lord and will remain as such.”

On his wealth he said : “If you want to know my value, I would ask: How much time do you have? Given that you don’t have much time, I will give you the short version and here it is: You can’t put a value on something already paid for. Jesus paid for me so do the mathematics.”

Source-Financial Gazette

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