TwumaHure utwu twakandibira mari yangu


TwumaHure utwu twakandibira mari yangu. Nyika yapanduka vakomana mukadzi wese muma Avenues ave hure and HURE rese rave mbavha. This is proved last week after ndakapa twumaHure utwu (in picture) lift kubva ku Acturus coming to Harare.

TwumaHure utwu twakandibira mari yangu

Takafamba and sezvo it was almost late i asked them where i could drop them and they said at Tipperarys in the Avenues. So i went and dropped them off only to get home and notice that my $50 that was in the dashboard was stolen.

I tried to remember how she took it because the whole time i was in the car. I later remembered that when i put petrol at the garage i got out to check air pressure in the tyre and that is when she must have taken it.

So nehasha i went back to the club and saw them vachitonwa havo doro and i tried to talk to them but they ignored me and started making a scene. The BIG Bouncer at the club came and took me outside. I tried to explain to him but he was not listening..

I drove off and went home again, i could not even tell my wife that money was stolen nemahure ekuma Avenues…

Ndoitawo sei nhai???