Tsvangirai among Africa ‘s most popular ‘Blessers


MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai was yesterday shortlisted as one of the most famous Blessers in Africa by dating site – Blesserfinder. The newly established social media page where women (Blessees) – mostly young – are matched with rich “benefactors” (Blessers) spent the better part of yesterday poking fun at Tsvangirai, posting his images with women, attaching them with hilarious posts.

The Blesserfinder administrators first posted Tsvangirai’s ‘legend of the park’ image and asked followers if they wanted Tsvangirai to be the face of Blessers.

On the picture taken in Gweru about three months ago, the MDC-T leader was captured at a leisure spot, having fun with scantily dressed women.

“We are thinking of making this former African politician the face of Blessers. What do you think bakwethu,” questioned Blesserfinder administrators on Twitter.

In response, some were for the idea while others simply said Tsvangirai was a retired Blesser.

As if that was not enough, later on in the day, another photo of Tsvangirai with a woman again was posted on Twitter. This time, it was the ‘legend of the seas’ image where Tsvangirai was captured in Seychelles on baecation with South African – Nosipho Regina Shilubane. The post was accompanied by a tweet: “No woman is beyond your reach gentleman. You are just broke,” suggesting that an otherwise, not so handsome Tsvangirai attracted beautiful women because of the blessings they stand to get.

Unfortunately, probably due to the fact that most Blesserfinder followers are active on Facebook rather than the sophisticated Twitter platform, there were not much comments on the Tsvangirai posts on Twitter. Most who commented on Facebook said they did not want Tsvangirai to be Blesserfinder’s cover photo.

“No, no, no, not ayoba. But at least he’s a level 4 Blesser,” responded one Lindelwa Mncwabe.

“Please don’t,” wrote Happiness Matiea.

For the past couple of weeks, Blesserfinder social media page administrators have been requesting followers to come up with profile and cover picture ideas which would be used on the site’s various Blesserfinder pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Currently, the attractive Blesserfinder pages which attract over 50,000 followers have a profile picture of a light skinned Blessee (yellow bone) wearing an expensive timepiece and nails well manicured, with her hands on a Range Rover steering to show how she is well catered for. The cover photo has a white Range Rover parked in front of a private jet – purportedly belonging to a Blesser who is all about the high life.

While others were on the Tsvangirai tip, most had their focus on Amanda Cele – a Blessee who was recently featured on eNCA showing how her life had changed because of the Blessers she transacts with. Blesserfinder made a collage of her images before she started transacting with Blessers and compared them with her current images and posted: “No one is ugly, it’s just the absence of a Blesser.”