TREVOR DONGO arrested for beating up his girlfriend because She ‘REFUSED TO HAVE AN AB0R-TION


Trevor Dongo was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. Police say Trevor Dongo requested that his girlfriend have an ab0rtion, and when she refused, he took the law into his own hands.

Police allege that the couple were sitting in a friends car when Trevor Dongo told the woman she needed to ab0rt their child.The woman refused to agree to an abortion and got out of the car.


That’s when police say that Trevor began hitting her with his fist and began choking her. When the victim tried to escape, Trevor allegedly pulled her back into the car and continued to beat her.

He then parked the car, pulled the victim out and reportedly began kicking her in the head creating a large gash to her head.

Trevor was arrested for the crime on Wednesday and charged with aggravated assault.

Police did not say whether Trevor was hitting his girlfriend in the stomach, or in any way that could have compromised the pregnancy.