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Travel warning for Zimbabweans going to South Africa




Zimbabweans intending to travel to South Africa have been warned to be cautious due to political violence that has erupted in Pretoria.

Violent protests flared up in Pretoria on Monday over the African National Congress’s (ANC) decision to put forward Thoko Didiza as its mayoral candidate for Tshwane.

The warning came from a Zimbabwean ‘trapped’ in Pretoria while returning to Zimbabwe.Below is the message doing rounds on social media :warning

“Travel warning.
Those who  are intending to travel to SA  or have relatives travelling to SA , please postpone, there is a political situation that has turned violent along N1, ( Messina to Johannesburg).

“Two Zimbabwe buses robbed, the other one burnt to ashes, we almost fell victims, we thank God for our brave driver, as I speak we have been stuck for more than five hours, they are burning tyres right on the road, be warned”.

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