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TOP COP caught NAKED with soldier’s wife



A senior police officer has been charged with attempted murder after he almost ran over a soldier who happens to be married to a woman he was cheating with in an attempt to flee.sex1

Pasipanodya Tadzembwa, 28, was left hospitalised after hung onto the bonnet of a car for 50 metres as he tried to confront fleeing Sipho Ndlovu, 35, he had found in bed with his wife, a court heard.

Ndlovu is the officer-in-charge of Figtree Police Station.

Ndlovu was caught by Tadzembwa having a nice time with the latter’s wife, Kilisalisti Nyaradzo Manjonjo, on his matrimonial bed. Manjonjo is also a police officer stationed at Matopo.

Tadzembwa made an effort to contact the local police to report the matter but failed as Ndlovu escaped out of the house and got into his car and started to drive away.

As he drove away, Tadzembwa jumped onto the bonnet and was hit by the car. He got up and jumped onto it again and was driven for about 50 metres before he was thrown off the moving vehicle. He sustained injuries on his head and other parts of the body.

The soldier, who is stationed at One Brigade, is still admitted to hospital.

In a statement to the police, Tadzembwa said: “I received a tip off that Sipho was at my house while I was at the bar. I proceeded to my house and jumped over the durawall. I saw him and my wife sleeping on my matrimonial bed half dressed and only covered by a sheet.”

Ndlovu was not asked to plead as he was remanded to May 31 on US$200 bail.

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