Tin Tin finds new love Only a few months after her divorce


Only a few months after her “divorce” from Virimai Chigariro, the man who disowned her in front of Zimbabwe, model, radio and television actress Tinopona “Tin Tin” Katsande seems to have found new love. While the travails of the last few months may have taken their toll on the multi- talented performer who withdrew from the spotlight after the latest drama in her life, she seems to have found comfort in the arms of Bernard Muponda, a financial expert in the capital.

Muponda is an executive director at Benero Corporation, where he has worked since 2013. He previously worked at Diverse Business Resources and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The two have made it a public affair flooding their social media pages with intimate pictures of themselves, mostly taken when they support their soccer teams of choice, Arsenal and Caps united. Tagging his new love, Muponda on Sunday posted a picture of the two in what looked like the National Sports Stadium.


“Everwhere we go..#wefoundloveinthehardestplace,” he captioned the picture. Tin Tin for her part, has also not been shy to flaunt her new beau, also flooding her social media page with posts and pictures about him. The former Studio 263 stat was not available when contacted by B-Metro for comment. Back in May the father of her only child, Chigariro, had walked away from the former ZiFM presenter under a cloud of controversy, claiming that the two had never been married but she had fed Zimbabwe the lie that they were in order to protect her reputation after getting pregnant out of wedlock.


I never paid any lobola or even tsvakirai kuno for TIN Tin and when some of my relatives saw the story about our marriage in the newspaper they were shocked. My dad called asking me when I had gotten married, my grandfather also called and congratulated me but told me that was not how things were done in our culture,” said Chigariro.

Tin Tin’s against the odds pregnancy, which culminated in the birth of baby Yambuko, last year was the subject of much celebration as she had been advised by medical professionals that she was not going to conceive due to endometriosis, a gynecological condition that causes cells from the uterine lining to flourish outside the uterine cavity thus causing infertility. More sordid details of the Chigariro and Tin’s ill-fated union came to light in June when she sued him for abuse allegations that he had cheated on her with a 16-year-old girl.

“I was compelled to make this application as a result of the respondent’s repetitive abusive behaviour. I entered into a relationship with him in 2014 and sometime I March 206 I discovered that he was having an affair with a teenage girl. We had an argument and he threatened my life with a knife. He also waved it at everyone who was there including our son. The following day he abducted our son and disappeared for two days. He returned the child to me after my relatives asked him to,” her application read.