Three Men caught having se_x with Grade 7 girl and two of them have been sentenced to perform COMMUNITY SERVICE


Three men from Entumbane suburb in Bulawayo are in trouble with the law for having se_xual relations with a Grade Seven pupil.

The illlicit affairs were exposed after the girl — who is 14-years-old — was caught watching X videos on her phone at school. Two of them have since been sentenced to perform community service. The third one, Desire Siziba (23), a vendor, appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Stephen Ndhlovu on Thursday.

The magistrate expressed concern that the girl had directed one of the accused persons to a lodge where she previously had s#x with another man.“I have dealt with this child in two different cases before. I cannot preside over this matter. Can I please refer this case to another court? However, I think the parents also have a case to answer here.Guardians should keep a tight leash and close eye on their children,” said Mr Ndhlovu.


“If you keep on sleeping around with these older men, even with your consent, we will arrest them but you will be susceptible to so many se_xually transmitted diseases and at worst, HIV. Suppose you fell pregnant, you will not even know who the father of the child is.”

The magistrate continued: “In the last case, you actually admitted to have led your 36-year-old boyfriend, who can actually father you, to a lodge where you had previously gone with another man. So much experience for such a young girl. I think social workers need to be engaged so that you can get some counselling or assistance to get you thinking straight”.

Mr Ndhlovu lashed out at Siziba for having se_x with the minor saying children are meant to be protected not exploited.“It is a crime to have a se_xual relationship with a minor who has not reached the legal age to consent to se_x,” he said.

The magistrate said he could not deal with the case and magistrate Ms Tancy Dube ended up presiding over it.Before Ms Dube, prosecutor, Mr Kenneth Shava said Siziba and the complainant fell in love sometime in July this year and had a se_xual relationship.

“On an unknown date in July this year, the accused person invited the complainant to his residence. He dragged the complainant into his room and locked the door. He started caressing her and they ended up indulging in se_xual intercourse. The complainant consented to indulge,” said Mr Shava.

He said the matter came to light when the minor was caught by her teacher watching X videos on her phone at school. A police report was made leading to Siziba’s arrest.

Appearing before Ms Dube, Siziba pleaded guilty to the crime. She sentenced him to 12 months in prison but suspended six months of the sentence on condition of good behavior for the next five years.

The other six months were suspended on condition that he performs 210 hours of community service at Entumbane Police Station.On October 10, a 36-year-old man from Entumbane suburb was also sentenced to community service for having se_xual intercourse with the juvenile.

Last month, a 29-year-old man also from the same neighborhood was ordered to perform 205 hours of community service for sleeping with the minor