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Thokozani Khuphe gets a public, cold bath at Makhokhoba market place!




Zimbabwe politics has always been marred by tribalism since the early 1960s, and MDC-T in 1999 is no exception to this sad and very African development. MDC-T is deeply tribalistic and was created on tribal lines. The notion that a Shona person has to be at the helm was wholly accepted by all founders of MDC; Shona peoples and Ndebele peoples together during the formation processes of MDC.




It is for this reason that Richard Morgan Tsvangirai and not Gibson Sibanda, was chosen to be the leader of the opposition to fight the despotic Zanu-PF that had lost all its revolutionary values and principles in governing the country.

But because MDC, their main agenda was to remove Mugabe from power, no political ideology at place to guide them in their struggle to fight genuine independence from Zanu-PF, they lost it to map out how they were going to deal with tribal and racial conflicts affecting the political landscape of Zimbabwe. MDC, from its inception has had no clear outlined policies how they would deal with the marginalisation of Mathebeleland, be inclusive with minority White race groups in their social, economic and political development.

Today MDC-T has three Vice Presidents plus the President himself making it four members in the Presidium, the good question is, where is the need for three vice presidents in a country that has population of 13 million with 90% unemployment.  Is MDC copying and pasting from Zanu-PF hymn-book? Are these posts necessary or are just some political appeasements? Is President Richard Morgan Tsvangirai appeasing the younger lawyer Chamisa or is he demoting Thokozani Khuphe openly for us all to see? Genuine trust in MDC-T has gone down the drain; it has been lost, from Mathebeleland perspective.


The elevation of the two VP at the expense of Thokozani who evidently will not survive her arc enemy Nelson Chamisa tells us that there something bigger that we still do not know, is coming. The tribal insensitivity in Richard Morgan Tsvangirai confirms in us those fears we have always harboured in him, that the man is a hard-core tribalist.


How are we going to build those bridges, multi-culturalism if there is no genuine inclusion of ethnics in the politics of Zimbabwe? To deputize MDC-T and to curry and colour tribal balance in the party, giving a lipstick to the pig, Thokozani Khuphe allowed it to happen with MDC-T blessings as long as she gave the party the Ndebele vote.


The elevation of these two VPs means to most of us in Mathebeleland constituencies, open exclusion. We have been shown the middle finger by MDC-T weather we like to know this fact or not. Richard Morgan’s illness was meant to quickly rethink all eventualities and to block the rise of Ndebele leadership to lead the MDC-T party.

Not beyond VP is the tenor, this is how far you can go with your Ndebele credentials and not beyond deputazation. AmaNdebele should remain perpetual deputies and second class citizens of this great country in some political organisations in Zimbabwean political landscape. The rhythm and grammar is; Thokozani you are too Ndebele to be replacing President of MDC-T, you do not qualify to be the leader of this vibrant political party, you are too Ndebele hence you have been openly sidelined, if I was rude I would say you have been given a cold public bath at Makhokhoba market, your former constituency.


It is a clap on your face (you are not alone in this clap, we share it all) you will need to recover from this pain for some time, unless if you don’t realize the tribalistic interplay in the nomination of two VPs in the party. Those people from Mathebeleland who voted MDC-T are not happy about the nomination of two VPs resulting from the illness of President Richard Morgan Tsvangirai.

How naïve, how gullible is our Thokozani Khuphe? Did you think really you could make politics in MDC-T with your Ndebele, tribal-trust birth certificate successfully? You have been sidelined openly by your master President Richard Morgan Tsvangirai himself. He is simply saying you do not deserve to be the leader of MDC-T for whatever reason, always! Your master sees you inadequate as Ndebele and as a woman to take over from him.

President Tsvangirai selectively chose two Vice Presidents on your nose to make sure his post is not taken over by a Ndebele speaking persona in case of all eventualities regarding his illness. Tsvangirai is openly taking serious precautions and sending an eloquent message to all and sundry that Ndebele speaking leader in any political party in Zimbabwe should never smell real power, never near the highest post in the land. AmaNdebele in most political parties or organisations are camouflaging real hard-core tribalism going on in the land, they cover up tribal disparities in parties so that they appear as “normal” in an abnormal tribalistic moods all at the detriment of the people of Mathebeleland.

Decent “inclusive” politics does not mean selling your soul, values and principles one holds highly to be deputy leadership of MDC-T establishment. Would you rather you went back to Njelele, Thokozani to ask for that wisdom, where all your regional predecessors consulted before they entered politics of the land. Talk to those stones around Njelele and touch them and let them tell you their stories about existence of isizwe sika Mthwakazi and how it survived to this date.

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