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#ThisFlag Pastor Evan Mawarire ON POLITICS: MY DOOR IS OPEN when the time is right



evan mawarire

#ThisFlag Pastor, Evan Mawarire says he is open to seeking political office when the time is right.

“It’s important for people to understand that by being a citizen of Zimbabwe you are involved within the politics of the country whatever way you look at it. If you vote, you are involved in politics. In terms of political ambition, right now my focus is with the citizen movement. I don’t have political ambitions at this point and I want to make this clear that at this point. If need comes, I wouldn’t hesitate to make the decision, but it’s not a decision I am considering to make right now.

Sometimes people want to push you to a place when you can say I don’t want to be in it.

But it’s my right as a citizen if I want to do so. It’s a decision I will make after getting advice from my family, mentor and my church. If it is a decision I will have to make sometime, I would like to keep the door open.He denied that there was a third force as claimed by Zanu PF. “When I started, I heard people who insinuated that there is another
force and that we are only a front and that there is another agenda behind it. Let me put it this way: I am a front for the citizens of Zimbabwe. This is the problem Zimbabwean politics has, the conspiracy theories are many such that when something genuine comes up, it is ignored.

This is not a front of any other force besides the force of the citizens. To answer your question, this is not a front but the Third Force is the forgotten citizens. We have been elbowed out from speaking issues that affect us.

One minister jumped out weeks ago with accusations that we are founded by the West. I say to them do you think I need someone to tell me there is no water coming out from the tap and say the hospitals have no drugs?”

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