There is absolutely nothing wrong nekudya BECHE!


There is absolutely nothing wrong nekudya beche, gentlemen! Absolutely nothing wrong. It is the “in thing” and ladies love it.

I know that most African men (particularly Zimbabwean men) tend to say “No no no, handidye beche inini, I’m a man, besides zvinosemesa and she knows i don’t do that. It wasn’t designed kudyiwa anyway “.

Women these days want to have beche ravo eaten,matinji achisvisvinwa muto webeche uchinwiwa and beche rinonaka boys dzangu kana rakunakira. When women go to baby-showers, thats all they talk about. They talk about new positions and give each other tips on how to improve bonde mumba mavo. I’m sure you know this.

You don’t lose your “street credential” if your boys know that unodya beche. Most guys out there vanodya beche but they are too shy to publicly admit it for fear of being ridiculed.

Eating beche is just as important as kusvira. A lot of women even find it zvichinakidza than kusvirwa and vanotunda more quickly that way. If you want to be a great lover, you have to view orals_ex as a main dish served in a variety of ways.

My tongue goes everywhere and hapana pandinosiya. All around the beche walls, all over the matinji and even ikoko ku exhaust.