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The MDC would like to thank and salute war veterans



obert gutu

The MDC would like to whole-heartedly thank and salute war veterans for publicly acknowledging that President Robert Mugabe has outlived his relevance and as such,he should immediately proceed to resign.obert gutu As a social democratic political party, the MDC has always applauded the patriotic and selfless role that was played by thousands of gallant sons and daughters of the soil in fighting the racist colonial settler regime ultimately leading to our independence as a sovereign republic on April 18,1980.

Our peaceful and democratic fight against the excesses of the Robert Mugabe – led Zanu PF dictatorship has always been informed by our understanding and appreciation of the role that genuine war veterans played in creating and establishing our nationhood.The political and socio-economic crisis that is presently bedeviling our beloved motherland cuts across the political,religious,ethnic and racial divide.The majority of Zimbabweans have been reduced to beggars and touts as a direct result of decades of unprecedented economic mismanagement,rampant corruption and deep – rooted misgovernance which has been the hallmark of Mugabe’s reign.No less than four million Zimbabweans have since escaped into the Diaspora seeking both political and economic refuge.The brain drain that Zimbabwe has suffered,particularly since the year 2000 going upwards,is simply catastrophic.

We now call upon President Mugabe to take heed of the very clear advice that he has been freely given by his erstwhile comrades,the war veterans.Mugabe remains the single biggest threat to Zimbabwe’s national political stability as well as economic prosperity.It is not too late for him to proceed to step down immediately so that the country can be in a position to move forward.Zimbabweans are now united in their quest for a fresh start,a new beginning. Of course,in the new scheme of things,President Robert Mugabe is not part of the solution but in fact,he has become part of the problem.

As the country enters the homestretch in our peaceful and democratic fight for the setablishment of a New Zimbabwe,we truly hope and trust that all Zimbabweans will appreciate the need to immediately retire the incompetent and clueless Zanu PF regime,warts and all.The regime is damaged goods and no amount of political spin can successfully camouflage the underlying rot and decay that pervades all facets of the Zanu PF regime.

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